MYC aid projects stands for…

Direct help

We invest directly in selected projects that we identify based on our consultations with cocoa farmers in Tanzania and their needs.

Personal commitment

Every year our team travels to Tanzania to make personal contact with the local cocoa farmers.

100 % Transparency

You can follow every step of our MYC aid projects on our online blog because for an honest commitment, transparency is the most important thing.

Eating chocolate, changing the world

Small steps lead to big changes

We want our products to have a positive impact. An impact in a region of the world that is often forgotten in the global economy of the 21st century. Despite social inequality and poverty you’ll find bright-eyed children, warm-hearted people and a unique landscape here.

Tanzania is very much defined by its agriculture, many people make their living from farming and are dependent on the prices paid for their products on the global market.

Furthermore large landowners preside over the majority of land areas. This complicates the situation of the cocoa farmers and causes social and economic problems in Mbeya.

We believe in entrepreneurship and its positive impact on social development. That’s why myChoco lives by the motto “help for self-help”, because this is the only way for development aid to truly succeed. We want to implement local projects that allow cocoa farmers in Tanzania to play a self-determined role in ecological and economic progress.

The best is yet to come. With every bar of chocolate, you make more and more projects in Mbeya possible. Small steps that make a big difference.

Our current aid projects

Vier Klassenräume in Isanga - MYC Hilfsprojekt

1. MYC Aid Project

Four classrooms in Isanga. The first small step has been taken, namely in Isanga where we started with the construction of four new classrooms…

Finanzierung 0
MYC Hilfsprojekte

2. MYC Aid Project

Not known yet: we are currently identifying the second MYC aid project by speaking to the local cocoa farmers and villagers…

Finanzierung 0

Coming soon

Hilfsprojekt 3

3. MYC Aid Project

Not known yet: this one’s still up in the air. But hopefully not for long! So keep eating myChoco…

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Coming (hopefully) soon!

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