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Life is great! Unfortunately we often forget that during our stressful everyday life. We run from appointment to appointment, from event to event and even at the weekend a 24-hour-plan is no rare occurrence.

Chocolate is for those moments in life where you switch off your head and listen to your heart. No matter where you are: on the way home after a night out partying, at a family picnic in the park, in bed with your best friend and a broken heart or with your grandma on the garden bench. myChoco makes it easy to enjoy life.

In fact it’s so easy, that we provide you with some tips for the really important moments in your life on our chocolate bar. All you have to do is turn over the chocolate bar, read the advice and get cracking…


MYC BucketList

Add a little more sparkle to your life and start ticking off your list.

The MYC Bucket List is meant to make life a little more joyful. So off you go, put the list on your parent’s fridge, stick it on your sweetheart’s mirror or post it on your best mate´s Facebook wall.

Are you wondering if we’ve lost our marbles? The answer is yes. And if you’re honest you just nodded when we described your life as being in a state of permanent stress.

And yes, we’re serious. Our goal is to use the MYC Bucket List to remind you of the little moments in life that are often forgotten, even though they are so simple, cost next to nothing and make you laugh more often.

So stop asking questions and just do it!

Send us your ideas for the next Bucket list

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